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Contact Lenses Options at Uptown Eye Swear Minneapolis

Getting corrective contact lenses at a comfortable optometrist office in Minneapolis is just around the corner. We pamper you with excellent care from beginning till the end! Coming in for an eye exam near Uptown for renewing your contact lenses can be a quick and stress free process with Uptown Eye Swear. Our specialized optometrist will provide you with a swift and educational optical examination process and free trial pair, until you decide on the best contact lenses for you. From comfortable contact lenses to name brand contacts we have a great variety to best suit you and your eyes! Come on in or set up an eye appointment in Minneapolis today!

Purchase Contact Lenses in Uptown

The luxury of putting in a pair of new comfortable contact lenses, that are your exact prescription is quite refreshing. Having a clear vision with fresh feeling will give you a smile that lasts throughout the day. Our certified optometrist and specialized opticians can help you by providing information as well as recommendations for the best fitting and feeling contact lens.

Types of Contact Lenses

Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable soft lenses would be considered the Cadillac of contact lenses. From placing the lens on your eye in the morning till throwing it away at night, your eyes will be feeling fresh. This soft contact lens is functional, safe, and is a very comfortable feeling lens on the market today. With the disposable technology, it decreases the amount of times you return the same contact into your eye, therefore lowering the chances of bacteria contact. Also a great purchase for the in-between wearer, the person that has both contacts and glasses.

Soft Lens Contacts

The conventional soft lens contact is the standard run-of-the-mill, put it in, wear it, put it in storage, & repeat. Very common for the more seasoned contact lens wearer. Conventional soft contact lenses are recommended to be cleaned once a week, in order to remove any protein deposits and to take general care of them. The conventional soft lens contacts are the most common to be worn, very comfortable fit and fresh feeling. Give us a call to consult about contacts today!

Extended Wear Soft Lenses

Extended wear soft lenses are based off of new technology, these contacts deliver more oxygen to the cornea of the eye, which extends the duration of wear with that same pair of lenses. There are options between one week, two weeks, or one-month amount of constant wear. If you have any questions or want to see if extended wear soft contact lenses are right for you stop by our Uptown Optical Shop and we can go over your concerns further.

Contact Manufacturers


AllWorks is a high end all-purpose progressive lens specifically tailored for the demanding customer. Developed to be effective at any distance, the AllWorks lens represents the most accurate combination of quality and comfort. The power distribution offers not only tremendous clarity at all distances, it provides generous visual fields allowing the wearer to gaze in any direction. Every lens is individually produced so if your clients want a comfortable/personalized lens with excellent vision at any distance, the AllWorks lens may just be the right choice.


Uptown Eye Swear is now pleased to offer BookWorks, the occupational lens made exclusively for both intermediate and near vision. BookWorks is the best occupational lens on the market because its unique design effectively overcomes the limitations of traditional reading and progressive lenses. Available in a variety of clear vision depths, BookWorks is ideal for office workers, cooks, artists, and other occupations that require superior near and intermediate vision.


EasyWorks is a daily general use progressive lens with generous visual areas for comfortable viewing at any distance. Produced with the latest digital surfacing technology that assures clear vision, EasyWorks lenses have large, balanced visual areas while its power transition provides a corridor which allows the eye to move naturally. Because the progressive surface is on the back of the lens, rather than the front, EasyWorks lenses do not require any special parameter measurements. If you have clients that demand a large visual field at any distance, EasyWorks could be the solution.


Have you heard about FarWorks? It’s a new personalized progressive lens with panoramic clarity in the distance zone. Ideal for outdoor activities, FarWorks is designed specifically for wearers who require uncompromising distance vision. Using the latest digital Ray-Path technology, each lens is individually produced for easy adaptation and visual comfort. Let your patients see what they have been missing by prescribing FarWorks lenses from LensWorks Optical.


SingleWorks is a new concept on “no limits” vision. It uses cutting-edge digital Ray-Path technology to maximize visual performance and provides clear vision in any gaze direction. SingleWorks is ideal for high plus and minus lenses, is adaptable to any frame including sunglasses and curved frames, and because it is totally customized to the wearer’s unique requirements, SingleWorks is a combination of vision and comfort you just won’t find anywhere else.

We fit most major contact lens brands including:

  • Acuvue
  • Biofinity
  • Biomedics
  • Focus
  • Frequency
  • Freshlook
  • Night and Day
  • O2 Optix
  • Proclear
  • Purevision
  • Soflens

Whether you have a stigmatism, are nearsighted or farsighted- the comfort of a fresh new pair of easy to use contact lenses is always a great feeling. Finding the right lens for you is a dedicated expertise of ours. We want the best for you and your vision, stop in today and have one of your experienced eye care givers help you out!

Contact our Uptown Optical Shop for your next Contact Order

For a comfortable and low key eye exam we have you covered. If your eyes are constantly dry, if you are getting headaches throughout the day, or if your experiencing pain in your eyes it could be from your contact lenses themselves or misdiagnosed prescription. Let our Uptown optometrist help you with a smooth optical exam and multiple contact lenses to choose from. Give us a call 612.216.4705!